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New Ashtanga Yoga Studio in London by Matt Ryan

8 Feb 2017, 18:18 in Ashtanga Yoga
Yoga Manchester

Well it’s taken me nearly 17 years to get here, but finally I’ve done it. Yoga London Club is my first ever Yoga studio dedicated to the practice and principles of Ashtanga Yoga – and to be honest I’m absolutely thrilled. There’s been a lot of hard graft including some blood sweat and tears to get the thing up and running and well as my favourite  saying goes ‘I never said it would be easy I said it be worth’ .

The studio is North London’s premier boutique Yoga studio situated in the heart of West Hampstead on Broadhurst Gardens , and will feature a combination of Mysore Style Self-Practice sessions and also some led classes too. I’ve even gone and thrown in a couple of the fabulous
Yoga Express 45 minute bish bash bosh Ashtanga Yoga short form classes in for good measure.

So if you are ever in London do come over and say hello – we’ve got spare mats and zafus (meditation cushion) for your meditation practice – which I forgot to mention. As a dedicated follower of zazen – the Zen style of meditation, I’ll be leading some free sessions in between the asana classes.

If you need directions to the studio click here

It’s literally a stone’s throw away from both the underground and overground in West Hamstead – and bring a towel as we’ve got shower facilities so you don’t leave feeling sweaty.

Looking forward to seeing you all.