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New Ashtanga Yoga Studio in London by Matt Ryan

8 Feb 2017, 18:18

Well it’s taken me nearly 17 years to get here, but finally I’ve done it. Yoga London Club is my first ever Yoga studio dedicated to the practice and principles of Ashtanga Yoga – and to be honest I’m absolutely thrilled. There’s been a lot of hard graft including some blood sweat and tears to […]

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Yoga Teacher Training & Parampara

3 Nov 2016, 16:00

As an Ashtanga Yoga  teacher the question of Teacher Training comes up quite often from students. Whose course can I recommended, can I suggest a teacher etc ? Most students are earnest in their wanting to become an Ashtanga teacher whilst some just see it as another string to add to their teaching C.V. bow. […]


Yoga for Writing

5 May 2016, 09:22

I was always the un-sportiest of children. A bookish little girl, fond of sitting still and thinking, and deeply fearful, I now realise, of trying something I might not be good at and humiliating myself. Team sports have always been pretty much my worst nightmare. High school P.E. lessons only strengthened my belief that I […]

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Ashtanga Yoga : An actor’s perspective by Chris Wright

20 Feb 2014, 09:05

It is surprising to me to write I am a 55-year-old actor and have been developing my yoga practice for 17 years. I did not meet yoga because of my chosen job but rather because in my late thirties, I found myself in a failing relationship and feeling sedentary, a feeling not helped by riding […]

Sadhguru, Yoga and Football

Ashtanga Yoga and Football by Danny Donachie

14 Sep 2013, 16:44

Many years ago I was studying with Tim Miller in Encinitas and asked him how best to teach the players I work with Yoga. He said, ‘don’t teach them, because that’s not the intention of the practice’. Fifteen years later I am still teaching them and yet remain conscious of the answer I was given […]

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What Makes Someone Good at Yoga? by Nea Ferrier

4 Sep 2013, 11:01

When Ashtanga yoga is practiced Mysore style, students of all levels of ability practice alongside each other. While they mostly share the same set sequence of postures, the differences in their physical practices are apparent. For some, bending the body comes easily, for others age, injuries, body proportions and past histories make things more difficult. […]

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Welcome to the Ashtanga Yoga Blog

22 Aug 2013, 08:44

This blog will feature Ashtanga Yoga stories, news and views from different people from around the world. Please contact us if you would like to contribute . We have set this blog up as a source of information for all students and teachers of Ashtanga Yoga. Ashtanga Yoga, practiced in its correct sequential order gradually leads […]