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New Ashtanga Yoga Studio in London by Matt Ryan

8 Feb 2017, 18:18

Well it’s taken me nearly 17 years to get here, but finally I’ve done it. Yoga London Club is my first ever Yoga studio dedicated to the practice and principles of Ashtanga Yoga – and to be honest I’m absolutely thrilled. There’s been a lot of hard graft including some blood sweat and tears to […]

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Yoga Teacher Training & Parampara

3 Nov 2016, 16:00

As an Ashtanga Yoga  teacher the question of Teacher Training comes up quite often from students. Whose course can I recommended, can I suggest a teacher etc ? Most students are earnest in their wanting to become an Ashtanga teacher whilst some just see it as another string to add to their teaching C.V. bow. […]


Yoga for Writing

5 May 2016, 09:22

I was always the un-sportiest of children. A bookish little girl, fond of sitting still and thinking, and deeply fearful, I now realise, of trying something I might not be good at and humiliating myself. Team sports have always been pretty much my worst nightmare. High school P.E. lessons only strengthened my belief that I […]

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Ekam, Dve, Trini… Ashtanga Yoga the counted method

28 Feb 2016, 14:56

In Ashtanga yoga we not only move within a set sequence of postures but the transitions between these postures are also choreographed. These transitions are the vinyasa and each of them has a number. In a traditional led Primary series class the teacher will call out the numbers in Sanskrit and indicate whether to move […]

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Ashtanga Yoga : An actor’s perspective by Chris Wright

20 Feb 2014, 09:05

It is surprising to me to write I am a 55-year-old actor and have been developing my yoga practice for 17 years. I did not meet yoga because of my chosen job but rather because in my late thirties, I found myself in a failing relationship and feeling sedentary, a feeling not helped by riding […]

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The Evolution of Ashtanga Yoga by Matthew Sweeney

24 Sep 2013, 20:49

Ashtanga Yoga is a wonderful practice for the body and mind. It is an evolving practice that is changing and growing to suit people of all ages and abilities. At least that is its potential. The tradition and its changing nature can be a difficult thing to reconcile. This problem exists for all traditions, so […]

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The Teacher / Student relationship by Aris K. Kapetanakis

23 Sep 2013, 08:26

The Lighthouse Life is an endless sea. We sail either with a specific course or drifting alone trying to find the course during our journey. Sometimes it is dark, foggy and harsh. Other times everything is peaceful, sunny and joyful. Either way, what matters is the journey. In this journey, occasionally, you might lose track […]

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Pranayama & Ashtanga Yoga Part Two by Charlie Taylor-Rugman

14 Sep 2013, 17:04

Following on from Charlie’s previous blog on Pranayama, here is his response to the questions at the end of that blog: Pranayama is the elephant in the room for many Ashtanga Yoga teachers and practitioners. The texts are clear however. The majority of Hatha Yoga texts, and the more philosophical Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, agree […]